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Past Winners

2014 Winners

Eleven lucky people won a place on the production crews for Nativity Factor 2014

Rev Sally Binymin, Sean Ramsden, Casey Andrews, Jenny Jardine, Andy Toovey, Carl Mason helped create #Nativity .

Carolyn Goodyear, Tom Hall, Ben Curd, Becky Henderson, Natalie Peteranna, worked on the production of The Audition.

2013 Winners

Spoken Truth

Adult- ‘Joseph’ by Spoken Truth

Andy Toovey and David Woolridge gave us a deep insight into what Joseph could have been thinking after he learned Mary was pregnant with God’s child in the winning entry Joseph. The duo met during a theology course years ago and has since created several spoken word pieces for film – including 2012’s runner-up and 2013’s winner in The Nativity Factor.

“We believe the birth of Jesus needs to be re-told in a way that engages our generation and the one to come. The Nativity Factor offers the opportunity to communicate it in a fresh way.”

Swan Bank Gateway

Youth (tie)- ‘The Jeremy Kyle Nativity’ by Swan Bank Gateway

The Gateway group at Swan Bank Church learned about The Nativity Factor through their youth pastor. The teens worked on their film for three weeks, arriving at a comical take on the story of Christmas. The Jeremy Kyle Nativity takes Mary and Joseph onto the set of the talk show, where a lie detector proves Mary was telling the truth the whole time!

Oscar Huglin and Gopi Selvaseelan

Youth (tie)- ‘The Baby Shower’ by Oscar Huglin and Gopi Selvaseelan

This group of friends in the same sixth form created a short film that takes a critical look at the commercialism surrounding Christmas. The Baby Shower includes us in a conversation where one friend tries to convince his jaded mate that there is more to the season than buying gifts. We’re not completely sure he got through to him, but he sure seemed to enjoy his Christmas pie.

Luna Miller, Lucy Kanish and May Collins

Kids- ‘The Dancivity’ by Luna Miller, Lucy Kanish and May Collins

Luna, Lucy and May all heard about the competition through their teacher at The Holy Cross School in Surrey. The school friends came up with an approach we have never seen before in The Dancivity. The girls told the story of the Nativity through dance, expressing the emotions of Mary, the angels and others through a different art form.

2012 Winners


Adult- 'No Pressure' by 4six3

Nick Willoughby and Sarah Robinson teamed up to create 2012's winning entry No Pressure. The duo started writing for church dramas and Christmas productions about seven years ago, and eventually those productions morphed into films!

Their film for the Nativity Factor explores Joseph's insecurities when he first discovered his wife Mary was pregnant, and features two funny and charismatic little angels as well!

"We are absolutely thrilled and delighted to have won this national competition, particularly given the high quality of so many of the entries. We’ll be investing the greater part of the prize money in 4six3, but we’ll be really happy to be able to give a little Christmas present to each of the people who helped us with 'No Pressure'!”

The Arnesby Baptist Chapel Youth Group

Youth- 'The Arnesby Nativity' by the Arnesby Baptist Chapel Youth Group

The team from the Arnesby Baptist Chapel Youth Group won 2012's Youth category with their entry The Arnesby Nativity. The group was made up of six members- Jack Peet, Nicholas Read, Charlotte Lamzed-Short, Daniel Keeling, Joel Hutton and Joseph Hutton.

The video told the story of the Nativity in modern times, with a good mix of humour throughout.

Contestant Jack Peet called The Nativity Factor a "well and truly brilliant experience", while Nick Read said he was “really ecstatic to see a lot of hard work had been recognised and rewarded.”

2011 Winners

Gavin Tyte

Adult- 'The Beatbox Nativity' by Rev TyTe

Gavin Tyte, the beat-boxing vicar from Uplyme, Devon, won the Adult competition in 2011 with his fantastically witty effort The Beatbox Nativity, which wowed audiences across the globe. It was viewed hundreds of thousands of times online and was featured in national newspapers, TV and radio. It was also featured everywhere from churches and youth groups to prisons. Beyond worldwide acclaim, Gavin, of course, also won the big prize: £5,000. How did he spend the money?

"I blew all the prize money in a single poker game in Vegas, but it was fun while it lasted! Seriously, and somewhat boringly, the prize money helped go towards our family income, as well as towards a family holiday - a real treat."

Youth- 'The Nativity Story' by Yesterday's Jam

Yesterday's Jam

The Youth competition was won by Yesterday’s Jam, a talented band made up of students from Roseland Community College in Cornwall. Their entry, The Nativity Story, combined a clever song and a beautiful original video into a winning effort.

For the team members, all of them 16 or younger, it was a wonderful experience, as Maddie Cemm explained:

"The Nativity Factor was so much fun, it was a fantastic opportunity and we were all so excited to win!"