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The Prize

Lights! Camera! Action! Spend a weekend with a TV production crew and become part of the creative process as they film in multiple locations across central London.

You’ll be whisked into the capital to have dinner at a top restaurant with the crew and actors. Then, after a night and breakfast in a four-star central London hotel you’ll become part of the filming crew.

Become immersed in the planning, the shooting, the logistics and see award winning Directors, camera operators and actors at work. It’s not going to be all fun and games, you’ll be asked to take part in the running, camera assisting, helping actors and perhaps becoming an extra yourself. Creative film making is a collaborative process and you’ll be part of it!

After the action-packed weekend, we’ll edit the films and your name will appear in the credits. The videos will be publicised throughout social media, with paid and organic seeding, and also will be made available to ITN’s network of news publishers for distribution.

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